Club Referral

Club Referral

Supporting Our Community: Our Club Loan Referral Program & Sponsorships

If you’re a member of one of our sponsored clubs seeking a loan or mortgage, this is an opportunity to support your club even more with our Club Referral Program. Simply fill out the form below. Every new member and new loan or mortgage application received from our Club Loan Referral Program will help us to give back even more.

Join Croí Laighean Credit Union in empowering your local club whilst empowering yourself with market-leading loan rates. If you’re not a member, you can join today by clicking the link below:


If you’re already a member, apply for a loan or mortgage below:

Support us like we support your club

At Croí Laighean Credit Union, we’re committed to nurturing our community’s growth. Our not-for-profit institution is deeply rooted in supporting local clubs — the heartbeat of our locality. Through our local sponsorship program, we annually invest over €50,000, bolstering these clubs. Additionally, our Community Fund initiative injects another €50,000 into various local groups and organisations, to ensure they can stay open and active.

Over the past 7 years, our contributions have exceeded €728,000, which makes a huge difference to our community. Our recent introduction of a reward-based Club Loan Referral Program further underscores our commitment to give back to our community.

At Croí Laighean Credit Union, we offer some of the most competitive loan rates in Kildare and Offaly:

Our full-service current account costs just €4 per month and comes with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay digital wallets, and a universally accepted MasterCard debit card.

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