Organisation &
Club Accounts

Organisation &
Club Accounts

Organisation & Club Accounts

Organisations, Associations, Clubs, and Societies are eligible to join Croí Laighean Credit Union and enjoy all the benefits that credit union membership brings.

Whether you are looking for a secure home for your fundraising, grants, and finances, or just need an account to pay the local landscaper for the upkeep of the housing estates lawn, our organisation and club account is the perfect solution.

How to Open an Organisation & Club Account

Fill out our organisation and club account form – click here to access the form.


  • You will need to choose a main contact for the account – this should be the person who will maintain the account.
  • List any additional representatives and signatories in the ‘Organisation Details’ section.
  • ANY signatory on the account must be added as a signatory – this includes the main contact (if they are a signatory).
  • Representatives or individuals with an interest in the business, club, or organisation must be listed – they are not required to be a signatory.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 signatories on Partnership, Business, Organisation, and Club accounts.
  • If you wish to have online access to the account, please add the details of the nominated party. Only one person can have online access.


  • If you are a club and own a premises (i.e., a GAA Club) we need proof of the address of the club (utility bill)
  • If you are a club, we require you to email us your book of rules/code of conduct.
  • If you are a committee, we need proof that you are set up.
  • If you are a Parent association, you will need to provide proof of registration from the National Parents Council.
  • If you are a Residence Committee, please register via your local County Council and supply us with proof of registration.

Once complete, we will send a link to all listed representatives to download the ID Pal mobile app. You can use this to submit your ID & documents.

  • ID required for each representative includes photo ID (Passport/Drivers Licence) and proof of address (Bank Statement/Utility Bill/Revenue letter dated in the past 3 months).

Any signatories listed on the account will also receive a copy of the application which they must digitally sign. This is sent via PandaDoc and rest assured, it’s an extremely simple process.

Once the completed mandate/resolution is received, along with all of the ID documents, proof of address, and the specimen signature from the signatories, we will contact the account representative to inform them the account is now open.

Great Value Loans

If you’re planning on developing your grounds or purchasing new land, or equipment, contact us to talk about our range of loans for clubs and organisations with rates from 6% (6.17% APR).

We also offer great value loan rates for your members and it’s free to join Croí Laighean Credit Union.

When your members join us, they will directly help your club or organisation because, over the last 6 years, we have donated over €600,000 to local clubs, schools, and organisations. As a not-for-profit, the more active members we have, the more we can donate locally.

  • Club & organisation loans from 6% (6.17% APR)
  • Great value loans for your members
  • No set-up fees or hidden charges
  • Interest calculated only on the outstanding balance of the loan
  • Fair and transparent lending process
  • Over €600,000 donated to local clubs, schools, and organisations