5 Reasons to switch to a credit union

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27th July 2020

Croí Laighean Credit Union has a friendly approach to modern finance. We may work with figures all day, but our members will always be more than a number.

Our Credit Union is fully owned by our members, so we’ll be committed to putting you first, from the first moment you reach out. Here’s five reasons why you should switch today!

  1. We are trustworthy

We are all looking for financial institutions that we can trust. Factors such as customer satisfaction awards and customer loyalty give us an insight into the type of organisation we are dealing with and how well they respect their customers.

Members of credit unions are more likely to recommend their financial institution to their family and friends. Over the last few years, the new members referred by existing members shows the level of trust and loyalty we have gained.

  1. We really care

At the heart of everything we do is you, the member. Everything we do is geared around helping you reach your financial goals. When you become a member you become an owner and gain access to all the special products, loans, current account, debit cards and financial services that any bank could provide—only better, because we have your interests in mind first.

Every month we enter all of our eligible members into a draw with a €20,000 prize fund and when we have a strong financial year, everyone benefits through dividends on their shares and loan rebates, not seen in any other financial institution.

  1. Local loans for local people

Every branch has a Lending Officer ready to speak to you. We do every type of loan, from €1,000 for a student laptop to over €100,000 for a home extension, even mortgages and business loans. Over the last year, members have borrowed over €37 million from us for home renovations and extensions; for new cars; to take the trip of a lifetime and to help finance their business needs. And we still have more to lend!

Here’s what to expect if switch today and borrow from us:

  • You can apply for a loan as soon as you become a member
  • We approve loans based on your ability to repay them
  • There’s no penalties for early repayment
  • We’ll give you an answer quicker than your bank
  1. We have strong roots in our community

Our Credit Union is fully embedded in the community, and when you save with us you will be able to see how your money is being used to improve the fortunes of other local people, clubs and businesses.

Last year, through our Community Fund and local sponsorships we provided over €150,000 to local schools, clubs and voluntary organisations. In recent weeks, we’ve reached out again to help the most vulnerable in our community who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Your account at your fingertips

Get full access to your account anytime, anywhere with our Mobile App and online access. You’re in full control of your money 24/7 so you can transfer money, know your balances and track your money with just a swipe of a thumb. We are also on the phone 6 days per week to help you.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch today by calling 1800 23 24 24 or visiting www.clcu.ie.

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