Get Financially Fit in 2023!

Get Financially Fit In 2023

03rd January 2023

Christmas is over and whilst we may have added a few pounds to our waist, our finances will certainly be lighter.

If you have racked up some bills on the credit card, or perhaps you have a couple of loans that you would like to combine into a single payment, talk to us about our consolidation loan.

To help you get financially fit in 2023, we are offering a reduced rate of 7.5% (7.76% APR) on our consolidation loans in January.

Why consolidate my loans?

One of the best new years resolutions you can make is to sort out your finances. Checking your financial fitness might seem like something that can wait, but regularly assessing your financial fitness can benefit you today, and down the road.

If you have several loans or debts from different providers, you may feel like your finances are getting out of control. Trying to manage and keep track of multiple debts from a variety of lenders can be a burden. In addition, many of the debts may be at different rates of interest leaving you with the challenging task of figuring out how much interest you’re paying. It is vital that you know and understands how much of what you’re paying is reducing the loan, and what is being paid on interest.

This is where a consolidation loan can help. With our consolidation loan, you can combine several loans into one smarter, single payment. To help you on your financial fitness journey, we are reducing the rate of our consolidation loan to 7.5% (7.76% APR) in January. This means that if you are paying an interest rate of over 20% on a credit card, you can significantly cut the cost of interest.

Debt consolidation isn’t a silver bullet for all debt problems, and it is not the solution if you’re overwhelmed by debt and have no realistic hope of clearing the amounts owed off even with reduced payments. There may be underlying issues such as excessive spending habits which create unmanageable debt in the first place. It’s important that these issues are tackled to avoid a recurring cycle of over-indebtedness.

If you feel overwhelmed by debt, please get in touch with us and we will work with you to try and find the best solution.

Consolidation Loan terms and conditions:

  • Discounted rate ends on 31/01/23
  • Max amount is €50,000
  • Max term is 5 years / 60 months
  • Consolidated loans must be paid to the creditors
  • Cannot be used to pay off a CLCU loan, unless the CLCU debt is less than 50% of the total value of loans being consolidated
  • Terms of up to 5 years and amounts up to €50,000

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