CLCU Financial
Guidance Roadshow

CLCU Financial
Guidance Roadshow

Join Us At Our Financial Guidance Roadshow

As part of our commitment to our local community, we are actively hosting a series of Financial Guidance Roadshows accessible to all residents in our local community. These events are open to both members and non-members and free to attend.

Join us at our Financial Guidance Roadshow where we delve into various topics, highlighting small changes that could potentially save you thousands annually. We will emphasise the importance of instilling a savings mindset in your children, and our experts will guide first-time homebuyers on becoming mortgage-ready. If you’re considering switching your mortgage, we will show you that it’s not as daunting as you think, and it offers the potential for substantial savings.

Discover the exclusive additional benefits awaiting our members at no extra charge, such as free loan protection insurance and life benefit insurance. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the extensive range of services and perks we provide to our members!

If you wish to join our Credit Union, we will be taking membership applications on the night, or you could also join online by clicking here – it only takes a few minutes and can be done without visiting a branch.



Financial Personal Training

In the current cost of living crisis, most people are looking for ways to trim their outgoings. It is fair to say that most people are feeling the pinch with the increases in day-to-day costs, and the challenge of managing household budgets. At our Financial Guidance Roadshow we will look at simple things you can do to save thousands every year. We will talk about the benefits of setting budgets and show you how to keep on track with your spending.


  • Simple tips and tricks to save thousands every year
  • The benefits of shopping around
  • Deciding what you need and what you can cull
  • How to budget and track spending
  • Setting goals


Applying for a mortgage can be quite stressful.  At our Financial Guidance Roadshow, we will discuss the steps first-time buyers should take before they apply for a mortgage to ensure they have the best possible outcome. This will include how much deposit you should save, how to check your credit record, getting your finances in order, what documentation you will need, and what schemes are available.

We will cover self-builds and how they differ from a traditional mortgage, and we will discuss the steps involved in switching your mortgage – it’s not as complicated as you may think and it could save you thousands.

Mortgage Financial Guidance

PCP - What is it and how does it work?

According to a Carzone study, almost 70% of new cars are purchased via PCP, yet many people are not entirely sure how PCP works. PCP is a great option for some people, but it may not be as suitable for others. During our discussion at our Financial Guidance Roadshow, we will discuss everything PCP to ensure you are getting a great deal rather than signing up for Perpetual Car Prison.


  • What is PCP and how does it work
  • Who will benefit from PCP
  • The fine points of PCP
  • The alternatives to PCP

Unique Credit Union benefits

We all know the myths regarding Credit Unions such as you can only borrow twice what you have saved, and that loans take forever because they have to be board-approved.

Many people don’t know about the extra benefits you get as a member of our Credit Union. Benefits such as free loan protection on all loans, free life benefit insurance, and nomination of funds. We will explain the differences between your local Credit Union and the banks / fintech companies.

CLCU Financial Guidance Roadshow