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Tips for Home Improvement Projects

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07th August 2020

With many of us spending more time at home recently, it is easy to question whether the current layout of your home truly works. Kids want space to enjoy summer, while parents just want a quiet corner for themselves! If now is the time to improve or modernise your personal space, here are some quick tips to help save time, money and your sanity!

  1. Create a plan   

It may be tempting to ‘go with the flow’ on a home improvements project, but this rarely works. For the best result, plan what needs to change, prioritise each element and consider how this will impact the price of your home – an extra bedroom might add value, but making the garden smaller could have the opposite effect. Don’t deviate from the plan – seemingly small changes can add to the cost!

  1. Secure your funds

The first step in any project is understanding how to fund it! You can tap into existing savings or create a new plan, but this may reduce your rainy day fund and be time consuming. There are options which allow you to start without delay – such as a personal loan or topping up an existing lending agreement with Croí Laighean Credit Union. We offer flexible personal loans tailored to each member’s repayment capacity, with interest rates as low as 5% (T&C’s apply).

  1. Budget and Discipline

Before starting, create a budget and monitor all spending. It is best to include an allowance for small changes or unexpected costs that can arise. At Croi Laighean we take a personal approach, our loan officers are available to discuss plans and share financial advice, to help create a budget that really works!

Most importantly – be strict, early excessive spending may prevent something more important later! For last minute snags and unexpected expenses, we offer top ups on existing loans (subject to T&C’s) to help members ensure they get everything finished on time.

  1. Contractor versus DIY

One of the biggest questions is, should we do it ourselves or hire a contractor? Although best to leave some things to the professionals – namely plumbing, electrical, roofs and structures – you can reduce costs through DIY.

Painting, floors, finishing touches, fixtures and fittings can all be done without a builder, just ask your local hardware store for tips and visit online blogs for design inspiration. Be realistic and don’t sacrifice a quality finish, to save some money.

If home improvements are on your agenda, don’t delay any further. Croí Laighean CU offers a range of flexible loans to suit all home improvements, from garden renovations, painting and floors to house extensions. Contact our lending team in branch, on 1800 23 24 25 or via our website to learn more.

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