Your new Current Account

Your new Current Account

Your new Current Account & Mastercard® Debit Card

You can now manage your daily finances no matter where you are in the world with your new current account. With access to your funds in-branch, online or on the app, your Current Account gives you all the benefits you expect, but with the personal touch of your trusted credit union.

How to register for your Current Account

Existing Members


Are you a Member

Are you a Member?

The current account service is available to existing credit union members only. If you are not a member, you can apply online to join us! Just make sure to select the option for ‘Current Account’ under your reason for joining us.

Register for CU Online Register for CU Online

Existing members can register for their Current Account through the CU Online web portal. If you do not have access to CU Online, register for CU Online here.

Sign up today Sign up today!

Members should log into CU online to register for a Current Account. You can follow this short video to see the steps involved. Log in to get started.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to sign up
  • Same friendly service
  • Globally accepted Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Use in-store, online or at ATMs
  • Cashback available at participating retailers
  • Eligible for Apple Pay, Google Pay & Fitbit Pay
  • Contactless payment
  • Transparent Fees
  • Automate regular payments using Standing Orders & Direct Debits
  • Stay in control with our Mobile App, eStatements and eFee Advices
  • Secure online shopping
  • 24/7 support for lost/stolen debit cards

Help & Guidance


new current account FAQs
new current account Contact us

Report your Current Account Debit Card lost or stolen by calling the ‘Credit Union Card Services’ Team who are also available for fraud support 24/7 on +353 (1) 693 3333